Airtables display data

Noob here… I’ve tried many tutorials and im feeling frustrated.

I’ve got an airtables db with three columns and I would like to display them in a list like the attached image. The columns are: Name, Address and last seen.

I’ve tried listview which only displays one column, cointree listview does not display anything at all. Perhaps due to the fact that there are no images in my database. Any ideas how to display it like this?

You have to show blocks, you say ColinTree Listview does not show anything, then you do it wrong.
I use Colin Extension in all my apps and have NO issues with it. Everything depends on how you get the data from airtables and how you put them in list.

If you show some blocks it would be easier to give help :slight_smile:

btw, maybe my old topic could help you out somehow :slight_smile:

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This is what I want to achieve images

As @Choofa said who are using something wrong because every list view can show them, show us your blocks how you are arranging data in. Your list view

Listview only shows one line of data. I need to show a heading and below that in smaller text i need to show an address. Both are in a database

what you have tried, show us we will track your errors and fix them, you are not showing us what you have tried yourself so what can we say, where you get failed

I just need to know how to display a list item with a header row, a details row and perhaps a date all in one line.

clintree listview or built in image and text listview can show but both need a picture and if you use text listview its show all data in single line, you cant show next line, just can give a little space and then next value, like, (Title Subtitle)
not like

So are there no other extensions that can achieve this or maybe a work around like a do while statement that repeats a horizontal layout with some labels inside it?

You can use this tutorial. And instead of putting it in a cardview, you put each list in a listview with images or whatever…
Once you get the data from airtable and put it in lists, then you can put those lists wherever you want.

At first glance that tutorial looks really promising. Will try it out and let you know.

Thanks peocero