Airtable Data Not Showing in ColinTreeList View

Hey Koders, I’m trying to call data from airtable and show it to colintreeList View, But its not Showing. These are my blocks below you can see.

First of all check if you configured airtable properties correctly (baseID, api key, table name, grid view). If those are correct then check if you have empty rows or empty cells in airtable cause if this is the case you will not get any data

Yes, I have checked everything. Every field is correct

Add a label to see if you get values. Re check column names, must be the same in blocks as in airtable

ok let me try.

@dora_paz Yes value showing in label

Is Vertical Scroll Arrrangement visible when you call the procedure ?

@dora_paz yes

If you wish post your aia to check it