Get Data From Colum Airtable - Help

I try to get data from airtable, the data(musics,foto,video) url from cloudinary.
i just try to view that in the apps with CollinTreeListView but i cant get the data from airtable i allready check API and Base Id also table name but it still not working.

Help me,(my blocks)

Try storing the values in a TinydB and then calling them to put it with ColinTreeListView

try to use blocks like variable and create empty and add items blocks,

its working properly with tinyDB maybe i need modification this code, but i need more feature in airtable, its simple to use more flexible when i need to modifie…
please try airtable to show column in your code and if you can do that i will check your code and compare to my code whats wrong.

if you have a time,

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i allready use a variable and save read data from get column to the variable but its not work for me, i dont know my blocks wrong or!

musik.aia (800.6 KB)
this is the file i get and i have another file i just change API Key, Base ID and Table Name with my airtable store,

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I see you’ve already managed to display your list in the ColinTreeListview component, I don’t know what you specifically need. Now, to not create as many Spreadsheets, you can call all your airtable rows and work with the JsonTools extension and then you can store a Json string in a field in TinyDB.

in this screen i just call airtable column to show in collintreelistview, i allready try all row too but still not working, i just looking for connection from airtable and kodular, i allready googling for fix it but still not working, checked API,base id and table too…


How many records you have on your airtable chart, because I get those only two records you have

I’ve compiled it too and it works well.

thats AIA file i download and i try change API,Base ID with my airtable but its not show, i allready find whats wrong with connection to airtable but still stuck,


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