Colin tree list view using airtable store in TinyDb and display data i have shared aia file also

I am using colin tree list view with airtable to fetch data and show but my app load data very slow more than 30 sec
my airtable consist of only text
i am uploading my block can someone tell me am i doing something wrong

This is the most common problem with airtable.

Airtable is slow in loading data.

i am making quiz app it load data fast for my quiz which i have more than 100 question in table but i am getting problem when i load topic name in colin tree list view which has only 10 to 12 coloum

If you are also loading images in list view then it takes time to load.

No i am loading only text nothing else dont know why it happen sometime it load and sometime it dont show anything

To Your asked Question, i advice you to use dynamic card view and dynamic label and then call the would load in less than 1 sec

Can you say it is possible to search option.

I have changed your tags

i have used capital letter in table name can it be a problem

i never used dynamic component so dont know much about it

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here is my aia can someone spot problem will be great help i have one coloum on spreadsheet from which i am calling data i dont think there is a problem in coline trr list view extension but problem is getting data from spreadsheet to global title problm.aia (386.3 KB)

It’s the limit that cause delay.
Stop using Airtable.
Shift to MySQL.


Have you tried using Kodular’s ListView component?
Maybe the problem is the Colin Tree extension.
I have a table with 570 rows and it takes about 5 or 6 seconds to load…

My table:

Block seems fine.
Can you try loading data on Clock.Timer with a delay of 1 sec?

Not working same problem in loding data

Try with different devices.

not working