Airtable spreedsheet and colin tree list view

hii am loading data from airtable column to colin tree list view
problem :- it don’t load data from spreadsheet when screen initialize it load only when i turn my network off and On then i have go back next screen then data load as shown in the video please see it here

and the block is

tried everything in form but didn’t get solution plz help some data load and sometime it just hang there

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Why did you set table name to get start value? It will only works when you open this screen by open screen with startValue

Just remove Collin tree initialise arrentzment from screen initialisation. And put it on When spreadsheet got value.

And why? I don’t think it is the problem.

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There is no problem with your block or anything, everything is okay.

Your app is loading data, once all data is loaded then it will show them in list view.

This is happening because Airtable spreadsheet is slow in loading data.

Use notifier, show progress dialog on screen initialize and dismiss it when spreadsheet2 got column.

No. Colin tree list view initialize arrangement event must be on screen initialize to work it properly.

I think he has set start value as Table name to load respective tables for each subject.


According to me that is the problem try it.

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yea i am sending table name from previous screen

problem i am facing is out of 10 time 5 time it load normal and 5 time it just hang

You tried this?

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Yes, in that way you can see what is going on

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yes it sometime work and sometime just rotate i think its airtable problem