Colin tree listview problem

i am using colintree listview calling data frorm airtable a title with a image now iam facing a problem when i open that screen it shows cloudinary url instead of title iam confused image is also showing up now when i refresh companion screen it sometime shows correct title iam not understanding what is happening here here are the screen shots and blocks for better understand


You can try this way for getting data from aurtable, actually the gotColumn event is called two times one time with the URLs and one time with the categories :

now where which block i need to change or modify when spreadsheet1.get column block?

You should only use one get column block in screen initialize ( to get the category column ), and then set the counter variable ( you need to create one ), then add in the got column event an if-statement: if counter = 1 then set counter to 2 set the category variable to the values local variable ( in the got column even ). And get the images column.Else if counter = 2 set the URLs variable to the values, the blocks I shared above described this post.

colinree.aia (52.6 KB)
can u plz edit it this it will take less then aminute for you iam not getting it it will take a bit time fro me to understand i appreciate your politness towards i will be thankfull to you plz solve my issue

Unfortunately, I don’t have my computer right now, so you could try your self, and ask if you stick somewhere, here is a same:

ok now i need to make variable named counter and in screen intilize i have to call too get coloums one is image and on eis categry can i calll these two coloumns in screen initilize

No you should call one by one, so you can set the category variable to the category column, same for the images column, if you called them together,both variables will be set to the same value.

you are such a humble person you are explaining me very well but i am not getting it this is because i am not too good with that kind of blocks which contain variable etc hope soon i will learn them now when you wil get back to your pc whenever you get back plz edit this aia i will wait for it thanks again for your professional support god bless you

blocks (1)

Note: You can skip the very last block (set global main list to get list).

what is id number coloumn i have only two columns image and catagory i have attached the aia in my post can u return the edited aia with solution thanks

Just imported and I can see no blocks on your project. What did you try yourself?

Here is the working aia. Import, Connect DB, Enjoy!

colinree (1).aia (54.8 KB)

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thanks for your kind professional support

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