Get detail values from Airtable spreadsheet according after particular value satisfaction from particular column

Hi great coders and staffs of kodular community,
I want to list out the details of image, title and subtitle when the row of the status column had “pending” or something according to which i want o get details

my block till which doesn’t show me output :

please help for this

Hi Expert :slightly_smiling_face:,
I have done this much already now i want to set blocks like :
IF condition statisfy of status column THAN set the store global data into list…
I hope you will reply and i m waiting for it.
Thank you,

If you have already done this, then you: already know how to take the contents of the column or cell, right?


in status column i had pending, approved and dissapproved data and i just wanted to access pending once,so how will it be ?

is we call it filtering ?


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