How to organise airtable response content in a table?

I need to organise exacty airtable’s table within app with coloums and rows by coding blocks.

Make a Dynamic Grid Design.
And get the Values from Airtable as Columns.
And Arrange them in the Grid.

How to organise only specific value

How specific -

Specific Column.
Specific Row.
Specific Cell.

Or Something more Specific.

Yes more specific using the response content

So, what’s the Criteria.
it will be Helpful if you will tell.

The response content from get all rows is not a list? is not a dictonary? than what format it is?

It is not very well understood what you want to do. The quality of the answers always depends on the quality of the questions. Ask well and you will get the best answers. You don’t explain anything and expect us to know what you want to do.

We are not mind-readers.

This guide may be helpful to you.

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