How to complete custom listview extension

That was the view of my app. i miss the tittle of the image.

this is my Airtable:

and this is my block:

the question is: how to fill that empty block, so the tittle can show as the image view from airtable?

You can change your blocks a litle.You may create a airtable named number, which is used to indicate what column you, add an if then statement in your gotColumn event, like:
if number variable = 1 set number variable to 2 get column Tittles, else if number variable = 2 create the list with the extension you are using.
And don’t forgot to set the number variable to 1 when getting the column Name.

really big thanks for reply :pray:t2:
but i wonder if you could show me the block arangement sample… i got a little bit confused of the explanation.

Here is an example, you need to complete this blocks:

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so, i just need to add that sample block to my first “when spreadsheet1 got column” then?

Follow same like @Mohamed_Tamer show his block than it’s 100% working for u

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You need to set the number variable to 1 when you get your column ( Name ) , then use the blocks i added above.And at the end add the custom list view extension block Create_List block, the titles paramter will be the Titles variable you find in the blocks above :wink:

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okay. i will try that. wish me luck :grin:
thanks a lot @Mohamed_Tamer

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