Guide: How to use the GridView component to make a grid with image and text from Airtable

As the title indicates, the idea is to make a grid with images, each with text.

The Gridview component does not support the option to put an image and then a text. It lets you use an image OR a text. But it doesn’t let you put both.

So I added the texts to a cell under the image.

To do this you have to prepare a list so that you save the values in the right order to put a row of images and then a row of text and so on.

The structure of the Airtable table is as follows:

And the components we will use are the following:

  • GridView
  • Spreadsheet

Edit: GridView has 2 columns.

The blocks are as follows:

First we create the variables that receive the data from Airtable.
Then we request Airtable to search the data in the first column. In this example I put it in a button, but you can put it in when you initialize the screen:


Here we assign the data obtained from Airtable to each variable:

Note: I use more variables than I need, because I get all the values from Airtable. If you don’t need the other values, just get the ones you need.

And this is the procedure that sort the Airtable values to match the images with the texts:

The result:

If you do it in a button, you have to empty the variables so that when you hit the button again the lists start from the beginning.


Please can you add if I click to view full image and data

To do that you just have to add another variable (initialized in an empty list) that saves the urls of the images.

Then you can hide the arrangement that contains the GridView and make visible an arrangement that contains the image. Something like this:

And this is to see the images:

(The Backpressed is to view the gridview again and hide the image)

my images do not appear