How to store airtable data in tiny db

Sorry for I’m asking this question but I don’t understand how to store airtable data in tinydb ,
I mean I’m opening my app so data load to airtable and store it in tinydb if next time I’m opening my app so data load in tinydb , actually airtable data loading time is very minets so please help me

Very simple
In screen initialize call tiny db data to check it is having data or not.
If no data call airtable to get all row

When airtable got all row save it in a global variable list then store the main list in tinydb.

So everytime when screen initialize airtable won’t load.

I am using the below block in my app and working fine till now.

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Us dynamic components extension

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I’m using collintree list view or other screen dynamic components extension list view so how to apply this method in collintree list view or dynamic company extension ?

you have to make changes only in Procedure block only. Other are similar




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