How to get last row from airtable

Hello koders i ask if posible to get last row from airtable. if possible how please help me…

Either get all rows and get data for last item in list or call a column and the lenght of list will give the last row number, then call row with that number

First get all row, count it(using length of the list in a variable) Then Use the number(variable)

any example because not figure how to setup.


  1. Initialise global last row to empty string

  2. When screen initialise
    Call spreadsheet get all rows

  3. When spreadsheet got all rows
    A.Set global last row to get total rows
    B.Call spreadsheet get row
    Number - get global last row

let me check

like this?

like this?

Good works now is possible to get also image , users , amount from that row?

You can try this way too… It will give you the total tow values as a list

is not ok i want each label to get a value

Then use select list item list

Index 1 will give you column 1 value
Index 2 will give you column2 value

where need to add select list item?

I want to get like this.

Label 1 to get - Test-3
Image- image
label2- Emil

And were is the problem to get them from list ? Select List item list get values index 1 will give you Test3 index2 image, index3 Emil and index 4 33

Do you want still more clarity even after reading the post no 17&19???

get values is the main list- it will gives you the last row value as a single list. You can split them into individual cell value just by using proper index number as said by Dora. Pls try. Even if the get values gives you wrong order you can catch them or arrange them as you like by using exact index number

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WORK NOW but having problem getting image