Not getting data in the aia for download link and video url in this please any body help

im not getting data in this aia of my video app for watching perfect video url anybody can solve this problem
moviemaster (1).aia (2.5 MB)
i have stucked on it from past 2 to 4 days not solved i asked help for @Still-learning but he cant find perfect solution any ways he give me a lot information about aia and edit it

Main Problem

Getting video url from airtable but not be setuped
same with download url { download url and video url are same ]
error : Expected a number for an index, but got “” instead.

help me !

if anybody not have time to open my aia here is my screen shot of blocks
blocks by @Still-learning

screen shots

blocks (17)
blocks (16)
blocks (15)
blocks (14)
blocks (13)

You are mis using my name unwantedly … I have suggested this blocks to get list of data’s from different tables of airtable one by one and shows the result in various HSA using dynamic component extension just like play store.

But you used same methodology to show video in a single list , here the logic is totally different. I have pointed this in pm too… People’s are asking help in one design but applying in another logic and claiming that it is not working. It seems waste of our valuable time and work.

Sorry to say this…

you can solve the problem by creating an layout in which video along with download button…

no On clicking any download button the above code will work…

Try to undersatnd the logic used in blocks… Screenshot blocks displays data obtained from airtable into list and on click any image i get index from the index, from correct table i get data and showed the relevant content into next layout…

But see in this aia, you are getting data from various table (but no layouts), lists are getting ready , and Do you think with the heelp of single download button you (without index) you can get excat video from the lists?

test this

moviemaster_1.aia (2.5 MB)

:white_check_mark: Pop up displaying

:white_check_mark: Once download completes

:white_check_mark: Showing the folder and file

:white_check_mark: Watching the clicked video in next screen

(P.S I told you early that 10th col of every table would be the download link, so need to get 10th index from every table. But there were 8 lists only there so added one global URL to set 10th item of clicked table… now working perfectly… )

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Sorry I just give block credit , Your awesome and my real guardian

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bruther in your aia why there is a problem that when i final export app , and home screen initialize search list opened automatically , have any solution
fixedby (1).aia (8.0 MB)
in this aia i final the app seeing this error why , in companinon there is no error

Did you add any clock afterwards?

Yes for ads I add one click name Ads_clock

Is there any Error from clock I’ll removed this , every time the screen load dynamically , anyway to cache data and load screen only time and do not load again , Just explain by theory

while i am giving time no issue, but after adding clock you are getting such error. If so pls check your blocks… Also you are using Deephost extensions and all

Just add mistakely deep host exo player

please help me i fin

You have changed the layout totally. This is not what I have seen your earlier project. You asked us, how to take video URL from multiple table and we solved it. Now you changed without considering the logic or pattern it seems. We can help you to certain level for you and you have to learn from it how did we achieve or where did we adding the logical blocks. And you should not give pressure us to modify the already solved AIA into again and again. We also have some personal works, problems etc etc Moreover we are not kodular paid staff.

Sorry to say this.

Look into your AIA, what did you change and revert back or hange the blocks too according to the changed logic

$ir please it my last request how do i load data only one time dynamically elese on other time it will preloaded , last request just suggest me by screenshots

Once data received from dB immediately save it in tinydb. So next time during screen init just call this tinydb tag and use the same procedure to create the pattern

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