Take Homescreen Screenshot from app

How can I take a screenshot of the homescreen? The problem is that when you take a screenshot using the screenshot component, you can only get a screenshot of your app not the homescreen or anything else.

Is this query related to kodular app??

If you want screenshot, you can use screenshot inbuild block of kodular

Yea but this way you will only get a screenshot of your app what i need is screenshot of homescreen

Which mean?? Do you think is this possible without opening the app?

Why don’t you use inbuilt screenshot of your phone? Or get it from play store… if you are in your kodular app and want to take home screen screenshot , it is not possible with any app until you minimize the app… or you can use floating view extension… on button click your app will go into minimize mode(or point size mode) and on again clcik it will take the screenshot of the page where you are in

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Because it will only be a screenshot of my own device. Someone else’s homescreen will look different

Try the screenshot service extension

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Nice! Is there also a way to disable the Start Now Dialog when taking a screenshot?

No, this is an Android “feature” and Google thought, this helps to protect the user …

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