Take Picture from camera and base64 ouput

Please make block for this :confused:

Use Camera Picture to Base64 extension

Can take photos in the background without the camera view appearing?

Camera Extension to take pictures programmatically without user interaction.

I want the output to be base64 Without saving it first

Then you will need to convert to base64 after the image is taken by the extension.

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can you show me how to block it​:pray:

It is a paid extension, which I do not have.

However, the camera/extension will save an image to the specified path, you then just use one of the base64 extensions to load the file and convert it

You might also try this remix of the Procam extension, which adds base64 output:

You will probably need to setup a small viewer arrangement, but then you should be able to take images programmatically, direct to base64

thanks you

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