Take the Google APi from the user account from my App

Before asking the question, I understand that taking this data without the user’s permission is illegal, but I must clarify that this is not for malicious purposes.

Well, I was wondering how to get the Google API from a user, with their prior consent, for a Google Maps App that I am doing.

Is there a simpler way,by asking the user granting permissions on your account, and extract the API from your account without having to ask him to do it manually ?.

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what, why do you want the api from a google account of your costumer. You have to use your own api key. You cannto take the api key from a user to work with that.

It is not a coherent answer

why do you want to do things what are not allowed. You will loose your developer account if you do that.

the only way to get this api is to aks a user. How do you want to extract the api key from a user. i think no user will give you their api keys that you can work with.

I think you did not read the content of this thread well.

Already find out and it is not possible to automate a whole process that requires creating a company, a product and activate a Google Cloud service to obtain the API. Can some admin close this thread ?. Thank you.

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