Takes certain Values from a json file. (help me)

Bloco de teste:

Api docs: Kitsu API Docs · Apiary
Json File Exemple:

As you can see i want to return certain values ​​from that json file, but whenever i try to return these values ​​in a label, it ends up returning as (not found1 that would be in the first dictorany)

already tried several methods or ends up returning error or not found.

Some idea (example) of blocks where I can return these values.

Edit: I believe this error is causing because data: is an array of json objects, I don’t know how to get value from it.

( Note: there are several objects besides this one )

Why not Upload the screenshot directly here. There are lots of ads of that page…


Follow this guide, might be useful:

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even get the value I wanted, so the result was the value of all objects together so I want it separately, any suggestions please?

My json file is a little bit more complicated, I’m having problems

Try to use lists_create_with instead of text for global variables and then select list item from an index with this block lists_select_item .


this is not the problem the list is returning correctly, just that the title, subtlety and img of the list is returning “not found” because it cannot find a value in the json file.

( I need another method to try to get these values ​​through the blocks I have tried several options )


Be able to get values ​​using pairs and keys, orienting yourself by json family.

Please check the tip that helped you solve :+1:

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