Tap Head Fly, a creative Flappy Bird Clone

Hi everyone, After one month of modifications i’m glad to publish my first game and 3rd app on Play Store.
This is a Flappy Bird clone, where you have to Jump avoiding collisions with neon Lines.
I tried to synchronize soundtrack’s BPM with the player jumps :slightly_smiling_face:
The project is based on @PockyBird aia by @krishanKKS but with a lot of modifications/additions.
The game is so simple and based on One screen with multiple elements. A vertical arrangement for SplashScreen, a Full Canvas and a Custom Notifier.

Hope you like it and if someone could suggest me how to improve the game i will be glad with him

Bugs : Sometimes the first line make you die after start. This happens on some device 2/10 times.

Next additions : random spawned coins to buy new characters and neon Lines

Apk beta : Personal info removed by mod. Just send a PM

Play store


Update 1.3

•Fixed Some Bugs
•New Start Button
•New Menù Button
•New Game Over Screen
•New Select Character Button
Site : https://cheipstudio.carrd.co/


Oh gosh!
You got 171!!
Mine highest is 7 :sweat_smile:

BTW, great game :+1:
Didn’t ever thought that this’d be possible.


Hmm happens with me too.


Thank you for feedbacks !! Yeah i got 171 points :joy:
In next update i will fix the die bug and add a leaderboard!


New update dropped on Play Store


Great :+1:
The Die Bug is almost fixed.
Occurs only a few times (1/25)
And the improvements to UI are also good.

Wow thank you so much for feedbacks!!

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