Tape locate twwo time

Hello everyone,
I come back to you for my problem after changing my modules.
The problem is still the same; When I press “locate me” my map turns blue and when I press a second time, I get the map with my position.
I made you a video the button “locate me”
is yellow when I press it.
The map displayed at startup is the default map of “map”.
Thanks in advance.

Blocks inside the conditional block only runs if the conditions met to be True.

Here, you chosen it to run only when the variable value reaches greater than (>) 1, it is working as per your direction. You should choose = 1, instead of >1 if you want it to run on first click.

Hello asimjib93, and here for your answer.
However, when I press the “locate” button (in the black circle) does the location really work the first time?

Hello, I have just modified my first post, with a correction of the blocks and a video. Can you please look

That’s a bad idea, because now the complete discussion in this thread became useless


sorry I did not understand…
Should I delete my post and start over?

Next time don’t edit your first post… just continue in the thread, provide the updated screenshot and a description what happens and what you want to happen instead… so everyone can follow the progress of your problem and provide some help…

EDIT: btw. your blocks would be easier understandable for an international community, if you switch the language to English before taking a screenshot…


I will delete and redo my post. I will take this opportunity to put the blocks in English.
Thank you very much.