Task and Time managment app

Hi there, My name is Eyal
and I’ve hired developer to make me app with the kodular platform
unfortunately he can’t continue working on the app
but he said he can help to be familiar with the code and share what is the procedure to get it done with any developer that will continue the development with me
the service I’m asking is paid, the price can be negotiable

things already completed:
Creating a task and deleting it, editing it
Tasks are arranged according to timings
Once time gone, you can’t edit the task. And create a past task
Wallet and reward system
Recent purchases and favorite item list creation option
App has an special page where you can see Another Users who are using this app are doing what and when they will be free.
Separate page for analysis of tasks at any custom time period
Sound effects on/off button
Year selection drop down menu
Auto scroll to current timing if selecting the current date
Option added for Repetition of task like : No of days, daily, weekly
Option for Choose Custom voice file or Text to Speech
Option for timming: i.e. whether Specified timmings or Do After this Task Option

things need to get done
Auto Upload the text file in device to firebase for Online Backup
Analysis Page Backend part for Counting no of tasks done and not done
Alarm system for tasks
And connecting the other 2 apps file text file

Video Link: Video

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dm me with more details + price