Tax Form Did not review

On October 7 i submitted my tax form its didn’t review yet. My two month earning is on hold with kodular due to that. If staf are not comfortable with kodular than shut down it insted of holding other payments.

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Hi @hussain_abbasi welcome to kodualr Community.

And @Kodular now the questions regarding the ads manager is too much in Community and no one is responding from Staff on the issues i request if kodular remove admob and enable ads manger than please give some support to user also.
Belive me or not ads maager issues will have bad impact on kodular.

My tax form also not reviewed since 20 days please help kodular staff

Look like all the submitted tax form in last month didn’t review yet. So my question from kodular is why they introduced Ads Manger system if staff is unable to manage it.

The bitter truth is that they don’t have enough resources to provide premium services.

I can remember, once upon a time, Kodular encouraged it’s users not to use any extensions from a developer, because he could not be able to provide support to his customers. And, the step taken by Kodular was totally ethical.

But the problem is, now it’s Kodular doing the same to it’s users. Taking monthly money, without providing any support. It’s all after Kodular users, whether they think it’s ethical or not. But from my point of view, yes, it’s totally unethical.

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They are doing Totally Unfair now you can clearly see only ads manager related issues in community if they add this option instead of admob and taking commission through ads manager than they should provide some support also. As above 2 persons have tax form in review from more than 20Days.

My app is in review for more than 40 days.

if you want to monetize or do more complex work, kodular is no longer the right platform, luckily I never fell for their scams, and over time I realized that kodular is only good for particular and small things. without any point in favor I see no reason to feed them to scoundrels.


@Diego you should need to review users tax form immediately then they should able to withdraw her money. And give some updates regarding ads manager bugs to users questions regarding ad manager is top in community but staff doesn’t given response

They are sleeping :joy::sleeping: and this is unfair if some one is waiting from more than 20 days for their tax form to review.

My tax form reviewed now thanks kodular