Telegram Bot With Firebase Database

Hello. I ceate a telegram bot and ı want this bot control the firebase database.
ı have a apps and the app gives users a currency they can spend. Telegram bot will check this data and if the user has a score, he will be able to message the telegram bot.
Is there a plugin where I can do this?

It is impossible to help you withou knowing how you did the first part.
But it is perfectly possible to do. You just have to give the bot access to firebase, then you read and write data there as you want.
The harderst part would make the bot work. If you did that already I think it is half done.

pls help me
What do you mean by first part?
my bot ready but bot can only basic function.
how can i get it to process on firebase. and user data ready in firebase database.
how can i get the bot to check and replace them

I don’t know how you bot works so it is impossible for me (or anyone that doesn’t know it) help you

I’m also confused that how you are able to make telegram bot using kodular