Telegram Notification Service

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I want to share with you a project that I’ve been building based on a lot of research

you can use it in any software
but I did it thinking about Makeroid and how to contribute to make the community grow

This bot is used for:

Track Users – The Bot Show where users’ visits come from – Country, City, Ip Address

Send the text that you need to send from the app to your Telegram

The Bot does not receive html text only plain text and \n\n line breaks

You can include it on your proyect, but keep in mind that being a free project I do not assure availability 100%

Please watch the video until the end

you can share this post in any forum, but please link the original article in makeroid forum
I do not want to have to create an account in each forum to answer the questions, preferably I will do it here:

I love Makeroid,
I am a php developer …

Notifier.aia (1,9 KB)


It seems very interesting :clap:
I’ll definitely will take a look to it when I have time :+1:

BTW, we have a Telegram group
The link is at the pinned message of our Telegram Channel