Tell me the use of min sdk

Please tell me the use of min sdk because my app is not installing in som devices.

What error do you get?
And which Android version do they use?

The error is App Not Installed
And their versions are 6.0 and 7.1

Make sure they don’t have it previously installed
Also, can you share the APK here? I would like to take a look

Can i send link to you?

Min API lets you choose what Android version your users must be on, to be able to install the app.

Best guess, you set Min API to 27. You don’t need to, unless you want users on Android 8.1.0 and 9 only to access your app. Makeroid uses Target API 27 and that is enough for Google Play.

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I set the Min API to 27 in my Kodular project like @Kanishka_Developer said but still not accepted by Google Play. I try to debug the akp with Android Studio and show an alert: “No JDK specified for module 'AD…” Can anyone help me? Thanks

please provide a screenshot of the Google Play error message

only show a yellow triangle on left APK and when I try to click on it to read the message show me a “error 1348546398. Please try later.”

That’s the problem. Set it to 21 or something. :man_shrugging:

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