Tell me where is the error

I can not configure in any way. scrolling is disabled. there was no such problem before

So do you want scrolling to be anabled or what you want to do?

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You should always specify what you want you have not made things clear as I can’t see anything stated and also we are not mindreaders to know what problem are you facing, and be respectful towards others!! And also your blocks are in some other language rather than English

look at the video. (I replaced the picture with blocks. now in English)

Hope so by this you mean you have set the screen scrollable to false and there aren’t any blocks to make screen scrollable to true and there is no vertical scroll arrangement used

I’ve tried everything. nothing helps

Which arrangements have you used

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Again same mistake your language is not English

You have used vertical scroll arrangement that is why it is scrolling, you should use a vertical arrangement instead and you can just hide the scrollbar in vertical scroll arrangement not set scrollable to false

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can i give an AIA file

No need I specified the mistake


you are super!!! thank you very much for your help!

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