[Template] Local login screen

Hey !
Today, I introduce my (first !) template !
It’s a simple designed local login screen.
Only the fingerprint is working, you need to code the rest in function of your app.
Enjoy !



Lockscreen.apk (4.1 MB)
Lockscreen.aia (4.4 KB)
Lockscreen_Screen1.ais (6.5 KB)


But, you done something wrong, @R3M.
It looks like this for me:

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Ow, Works perfectly on all my devices… Seems it’s notre responsive… I’ll try to make it one responsive, but now I’ll go to sleep, it’s 8:30PM for me…
Horever, thank you ^^

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error do not upload file .AIA “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

I am trying to download the .aia file