[Temporarily solved] Error 701 when installing app from the play store

put them in the assets.
Which is :

You can try this way:

already attached @Mohamed_Tamer


Great! now try again.And please try in both the companion and apk ( exported app )

this already existed at the very beginning
the problem continues


do i need to change

It isn’t working in both the companion and the exported app?

It only works in apk mode

AAB does not work

That’s great.So there isn’t any problem :thinking:

And how do you expect that it i will work in abb.The abb is used when you upload your app to an app store and not while testing?
And what about the companion?

My application is published in the store I downloaded, sounds do not work, I uploaded to the store in abb format

Upload the apk as well.But i still think that’s strange.It works with the apk but doesn’t work when you download from google play.I think that is related with this one:

Maybe there is an issue there from the last update?

I guess so too, but what should I do? Isn’t there any other solution?

You can munition your problem in the thread i posted.

I am not a person like that :slight_smile:

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Also you can Can use the exo player component instead.I think that will work.

can i test the abb file on computer

nope.i think you can’t.

then i can’t use exoplayer because the error is in abb format then

No the error is in the player component.And not in the abb at all.

what is the source of the problem

Actually i don’t know if it is a problem or not.But i suggest you to work with exo player.And then try again.

I need to make sure the abb format is intact so that I can change all players to exo.