[Temporarily solved] Error 701 when installing app from the play store

The problem:

When any player is started I get Error 701: Unable to load name.mp3. What is the solution?

Note: Other issues in the community could not be resolved or not found

Block :

Edit: Component changed but the problem is the same



Can you show you’re related blocks?

From where are you loading the video?

Are the sensor.mp3 fiel is stored in your assests?

the apk is also hiding
I test the application in the built-in apk, no problem, there is a problem in the play store in aab format

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So where does this problem occur in apk ? companion? or what?
And also

And btw, you can see here:

Do I need to hide the sounds in a different place? @Mohamed_Tamer

i don’t understand this.what you mean with hide?

Could you please share the blocks of this solution in pictures? @Mohamed_Tamer

there is no blocks.your blocks looks right.You just need to answer this question:

And this

hiding in player 1

I want it to play the button I add any sound

Okay.Now where is this sound stored??


Where is your mp3 file stored? is it on your phone? or in your assets?

I don’t know how can I learn

Can you send me an aia at least?

I did not install the sounds anywhere, just the apk.

So how they can play, if you aren’t putting them in any place.You must upload your sensor.mp3 to your assets.By selceting the assets tab and then choosing the file you want to upload.Don’t forget to set the file name to sensor.mp3

This problem has been reported so so many times

One of the oldest.

Please look at this as well

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How can I put it somewhere?

How can I access this folder

This one: