Terms and conditions for user in app

Users can generate content inside my app. I want users can not submit content that will be something violate to play store policy in future.
How can handle this issue by giving terms and condition to user. ?

You can give terms and conditions to a user but that doesn’t mean this won’t happen. The only way is to control this, is to approve every submission.

We see it also with Kodular. Users don’t read the terms of service and produce apps that are not allowed.


My app provide whattsup group links to users.It has also a feature where user can add their groups links in related category.If a user post such link and other user join that and in future that user use as something illegal according to government.
Then Will my app be consider as for that illegal things.?
If yes how I handle this in advance.?

You should ask your government. I am not familiair with the laws of india.

sometime people spread illegal post in whattsup group.
If I give terms of use popup when any body opens app first time .
I think it will save my app.

You must add option to submit links, and then check them manually and if its ok you can approve them. similar as kodular does for Ads approval.

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I already did the same. My question is if any user joins any group through my app and post something illegal.and if any person file complaint to that whatts up group . what will happen to my app ?

Thats something diffrent, i think you will not get your answer here.

I don’t think anything happens with you because you are not admin of group I am not confirmed but of anyone in group post something illegal then the admin and that user is responsible

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Have a look here

You can add a text something to your app like that:

“Added groups is not associated by [app name], and we are not responsible of contents/messages in these groups.”

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As this is really a legal thing the only advise can be to ask a lawyer in the country where you will spread your app.


Yes,in india many fake videos & messages Are spread using Watsapp so it is a Legal Issue but it may not affect the developer of the app because the watsapp group is not assosiated with you.

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