Test mode in interstitial

Hi developers
i have some confusion regardig admob interstitle
how test mode active in interstitle
is this through ad enabled or any thing else
please confirm

while in video ads test mode button is given

In interstitial is it “ad enabled”.
Look in the blocks editor and hiver with the mouse about the block then you will see the description.
We will rename it for better understanding in next release.

Means AfterUnchack this will no more in Test Mode
But it will disable aftter uncheck or not .(Like One Button 2 Function)
Please Confirm

This is the block description:

“If true, device that will receive test ads. You should utilize this property during development to avoid generating false impressions.”

This means if you uncheck the option you will receive then real ads and no test ads.

While The Box Is Checked . I have Tested My Apps For many Times And click Them Also
There after after i have check to my admib account there ia 2 doller showing .
Why This Thing Is Happned

Iam not sure what you mean.
Anyone else understand it?

My Mean Is That In Test Mode i have Received some Dollers in My admob Acct