Test this APP searching errors πŸ™πŸ»

Hello! Can you test this app? I need to know if there are any errors on uploading the file without selecting any option. Thanks!
(A user got some errors, but I don’t get any error)

And what errors would that be? You are a betakoder so should now how important it is to give all info. :wink:

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Here is the error - Gofile
The problem is that I fixed it in the last update. I don’t know why he has those errors again (he has the last version)

I don’t encounter any error when selecting no files, because the only option for me is to press back.

Yes I got the same errors as shown in the video.

I cannot say anything in detail about the first error(bad arguments) but the second error(getting stuck on the splash screen) is because you are not closing the screens properly.

Whereas the first error may be because you are trying to pass invalid input as parameter to the select list item block.
For example in the mentioned block the list socket accepts only list but you may be trying to pass single item which may be resulting in an error. It’s just a guess though.

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It’s strange because I have the same APK I installed and I don’t get the first error :persevere:

Can you send a screen recording of what you are doing?

Here -> Gofile

The error occurs when we click on upload file button directly.
In your latest video above its not clear where are clicking initially, so can’t tell much

I only clicked on Upload File, without adding email, etc

In my case error occurs after performing following steps

  1. I open the application

  2. Then without entering email and password I directly click on Upload file button

  3. The dialogue of Uploading file appears for some seconds and then the error is displayed.

Yes. I know what is the error, but I don’t know why it’s only on some devices

I cannot tell much without looking at your blocks :slightly_frowning_face:

Here is the screen: Gofile_Upload.ais (35,8 KB)
I don’t know what’s the error yet… :cry::cry:

Instead of that ais file you can provide a sample aia which would help us better in finding the problem. You can use PM if you want
As while uploading this ais I am getting the error of the extensions not present. So now I cannot import every possible extension and then upload your ais file. So its better to provide aia file

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