Testers Needed For Chat App [ LetsChat It Out]

I Have Released The V 1.1 Of Letschatitout [ Working ] :

Will Be Working On The Profile Pic

Apk File V1.1 :
login_ui (3).apk (8.2 MB)

Amazing app :grinning:

But change it to #koded apps category
Because you are showing an app that you have made in kodular

:kodular:eep :kodular:oding

You should improve your app UI & good luck for your app.

I’ve just tested your app and to be honest, i am pretty confused how the app works​:sweat_smile:

What I understood by using it a little bit is that you have to enter your friends name to be able to chat with them.

If I am right, then I must have to say that it has got plenty of problems.

The first and the biggest problem is that it doesn’t work at all. I enter my friends name and selected it from the list but when I wrote something, they did not receive anything. Same when he wrote me something.

Second anyone can access anyone’s account, because it doesn’t have anything like there can be only one account created by the same name.

And after all I am completely unable to use your app.

I don’t want to hurt you, i just tested the app and thought that I should tell you all this stuff.

I wish you a good luck further in making this project.


yes i fixed it bcoz the project bucket was wrong i will update it soon

any ideas?

The screenshot are of designer from kodular . Can you add real screenshots of your app this screenshot looks really bad.

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yup i will update them right away

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