Text box advance technique

i know its not important but its enough helpfull and cool…

by this way u can check if user already exist with this name its show :x:
and giving error on user typing otherwise show tick :white_check_mark: if user not exist…

##NOTE… Its online with firebase checking user detail from firebase… Its not about got user detail on screen initialize and then compare text…
Its connect with firebase u can check anything which u want directly from firebase…Its have or not in firebase if have then do if not then do this

If someone need then comment below i will show blocks



Great job :+1:

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BruteForcing made easy.

But the Concept is overall Good.
So, take it -


thanks you

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Great work… Really appreciated :+1::+1:

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What? I don’t get ur point of view…

Thank you man

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Can we talk in pm…actually i have a easy less blocks method to recycleview loading on scroll down… We can make this enough easy

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Very Nice !!

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Sure, lets talk about it in pm

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Thank you 。

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It’s good but very costly :money_with_wings:


How its costly?
explain ur point

It’s my point

no its not…not consuming much more data its also work on 2g network…because its about only text so speed of sending and getting values is much faster…