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Hello, I have a question, which is that I want to make the user put a code inside the text box, and of course, if the number is registered in the column in Airtable, he will open another page with it. This is what I did But my question is, can I make the code that the user enters not work again, or in a more correct sense, how do I make the code used only once from Airtable?

get the index of the list and then modify the value of the column (Name) - Row(index)


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I mean that I want to make the value available only once, for example, if the user enters a value that is in the Airtable when it is the first time he enters the value or the value is not used before, a dedicated screen opens for him, unlike if the value was used before, he shows an error

That is why I say, if you change the value once used, it will cease to exist, otherwise if you do not want to change the value, it is to create a status column (ValueUsed: true/false)

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I will enter many values, approximately more than a thousand values, and each value will be in a different row. I want for example, if the user enters The value inside in the first row, so he cannot use this value again and it becomes used before, and if he enters a value from the second, third, and fourth row For the first time, he opens another page with him, but for the second time or more than once, an error appears. If that is what you mean, please send blocks as an example.

Use api query method.

You can cl the matching row

If he gets matching
(also adjacent cell is empty mean use it else immediately save the value as Used in adjacent cell.)
Else alert user sorry no matching found

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I understand what you mean but I don’t know how to implement this, please give me an example like this to it and I will be grateful to you


I already explained, create an additional column in airtable, status, and then change the value (1-0) (true-false) (yes-no) something that indicates that the value of a certain cell was used, take the example of blocks that I indicate before.

You can achieve it in any way but usually i will go with filter by formula method


generate personal access token and put it in API key block of spreadsheet component in order o\to work feasibly…


  1. On click web url will look for text box entry
  2. If entry found, first it will check wether it is empty list or with values
  3. If it returns empty list it means user enters wrong entry
  4. If it returns with YailList, it will look for the Key col value. If it is not used mean values will be printed on labels else it means this search is already been used by the user,

(NOTE: here in Num colum i have used auto num inorder to get ow number. You can use index is in list method too but blocks need to change… Get all list then search with in the list … )

or try like this (without web component, only spreadsheet comp)

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