Text bug inside Horizontal Arrangement

Hello friends, how are you? I’d like to share what I think is a bug, when we set a Horizontal Arrangement as clickable and put a text inside it, the area in which the text occupies within the Horizontal Arrangement did not allow to be clickable, and this gets in the way, it would be much better if I could choose, which would be above or below in the case, as the property of CSS z-index, thank you for the platform exist, note 10, thank you.

Click.mp4 (519.7 KB)

Just make the text clickable and make it do the same as the arrangement when is clicked.

Of that I know that to do, I would like the whole arrangement to be clickable without the text interfering.

But how should that be possible, because the clickable HA can trigger a certain action AND the two labels (if clickable) each one different one. So, if everyone is supposed to trigger the same action, then all “when XYZ.Click” must trigger the same action as well.

So do what @Italo said.