Text editing for chatbot

I’m currently writing my own chatbot with OpenAI, but I want to give it its own character using AIML.
I have an AIML text that consists of many question-answer blocks. My question now, the answer block can consist of several random answers, how can I formulate the answer from them.


<pattern>ICH HABE *</pattern>
<li>Das ist schoen.</li>
Ich habe <random>
<li>einen Freund Namens "E.L.V.I.S."</li>
<li>ueber 15.000 Kathegorien.</li>
<li>eine Menge Freunde</li>
<li>einen sehr netten Programmierer</li>
<li>eine Menge alberner Antworten</li>
<li>einen IQ von ueber 250</li>
<li>eine Freundin Namens "Electra"</li>
<li>eine Sammlung von Geruechten</li>

I think you’re already using the <random> tag effectively.

Each time your bot encounters a <random> tag, it will randomly select one of the <li> items listed within it. So, in your example, when the bot matches the pattern “ICH HABE *”, it will first choose a response from the first <random> list (“Cool.”, “Interessant…”) and then follow it up with a selection from the second <random> list.

If you want to refine this further, consider adding more variety to the <li> elements, or create more complex patterns that can trigger different categories of responses based on the input. This way, your chatbot’s personality can shine through more distinctly in different conversational contexts.

At the moment I’m failing at decomposing the template to then make an output out of it.

It’s all about how you structure your AIML categories and patterns. Think of it as teaching your chatbot different conversational paths. The more specific your patterns and categories, the more tailored and interesting the outputs will be.

Since you’re integrating this with OpenAI, you’ve got a powerful tool at your disposal. You can use OpenAI to interpret the input context and then map it to the most relevant AIML category. This way, your chatbot can pick the most fitting <random> response based on the conversation’s flow.

TrY interacting with other chatbots for example ChatGPT & Assistant or Siri. Put in Random Stuff And see How they respond. Also you can also include web based response for Example:
User Puts : I Tried Eating a Dragon Fruit Today
So the Response could include:
Wow That’s Nice. It anyways<“A Good Health benifit of Dragon Fruit from Web/wik”>