Text On Image app

Text on image

Thanks kodular for such a great platform, This a simple app for writing text on images, plzz try and give suggestions

@Jerin_Jacob for component to image extension
@Taifun for taifun file extension
@Juan Antonio Villalpando for K104 gradient
@Zhangzqs for color picker extension
Thanks to all developers for these extension


Download link:Shayritextonimage (1).apk (7.4 MB)


i will check that…

Please post some screenshots of the app you made.


thank you for using the file exension
keep up the good work

i have added some screenshots, and i have not used any paid extension for cropping the image

good job :+1:

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I see I have another “competitor”! Good! :smiley::+1:

When I select an image, it goes to the cropping screen and after I’m done it always force close the cropping app and goes back to your app.

That’s why In my “text on image” app I didn’t use any external app to do the cropping, because you can’t control what’s going on once you let another app take control.

So this means I cant use images in your app, only gradients. And a regular user will give you a low stars rating because of that.

Other than that, I think the rest looks good. Try to make it more dynamic, always show the finished image on screen. Don’t ask in the beginning wether they want a gradient or an image as the background. Start with one of them and show it, then they will decide.


Good Job!
What do you use to cut the image? Activity Starter?

yesss i have used activity starter

main purpose of creating thi app is too merge with my another app of quotes if user want to convert the quotes into image he can do within the app

In some phones it will force close the cropping app, and will return to your app without image.


okee…can u tell me which kinds of phone will cause this problem

Can you share your aia file with me to learn how to do this kind of applications?

Don’t just ask for aia files.

Do some work yourself. If you het stuck then show us what you have done and ask for help.

Why u use activity starter to crop image.use deephost crop image extention that will be bug free.try it now

Image Cropper Extension

Download - http://deephost.in/aix=23

When mentioning an extension, usually we provide a link to them. Can you include the link in your post please?

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Done,i added the link

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That’s a link to download an app. Is that the only way to get this extension? No webpage for it?

deep host image crop extension is not working

his all extension are only present only in the app

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