Textbox history

I am having a textbox in my app. I want to keep the history of latest 5 searches in that textbox. user should be able to select any text again to put in text box. How to do that?

Save the messages into a TinyDb.

When the user taps on the textbox show each of the last 5 messages in a clickable label. When the user taps one of the labels the results for that search are then shown.


can you please show me in blocks?

I can show you…Wait

thanks in advance

Working on it…


Note : Search is a Button and Input_Text is a Text Box

Screenshot 2020-05-06 09:39:50

Example App Working

This will add new list item when clicking button and when the list is more than 5 items. It will delete the first or old one. Like you said Last 5 history When the user clicks the Item. It will return the text box text to the selected item.

Edit : You can see the History Even if you close and open app.


I am using webview. Search box text searches in web view. How can I overlay list on web view, so that we view do not get offset when list is opened.