Textbox result or autocomplete combo box

I could not find the issue in the system.Textbox results or autocomplete combo box or side result list. How to make an automatic result for a text box.

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I didn’t understand what you are trying to say…
Please be more specific :thinking:


You can do little things like this using textbox. Text change block…
But not exactly what you desired…
So, you have to search for an extension to do it for now :blush:

I think it’s time to write the code … :cold_face:

This extension may help you!

AutoCompleteBox extension by ColinTree:


Hello @yusufcihan
I’ve found this somewhere
NOT-Working Extensions in Kodular - #6 by 44225441j

[I haven’t tested it :joy:]

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But it is not verified yet :sweat_smile: Just try.

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Problem solved . Extension is working properly. thanks @yusufcihan and @OfficialDjJohn .


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