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Hello there I have some problem with the textbox component. As I set input type to 1-normal I am getting email suggestion, Which i don’t want. How can I hide the suggestion…?

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Does this happens with only one or any textbox? In companion? Compiled app?
Only Kodular apps or any app?

In every textbox in normal input. Its happening in companion and Compiled app also.

May be its your device specific or suggestions by your keypad…

Try in another device with default keyboard.


No, There is something in Input type Normal because I have tried the TextboxTools extension and with input typeCapSentences is not showing suggestions. But the TextboxTools is not supporting multiple lines.

@Bikash_Kumar “Try in another device with default keyboard.”

Please do this and report. I am interested in this topic.

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I have tried in both Realme 2 Pro and Realme 3i which runs on Android 10. But nothing changed its showing my emails in Suggestions.

Show screenshots where is showing suggestion?

Hide/blurr your emails.

I think this is Realme device specific. You can PM your apk to test it in my device.

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Not needed, I think have done something wrong in my block section. I have solved this with input type 3. Thank you.


Not clear. Please explain that in more detail. Show what you did wrong before so that others can learn from it.

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I don’t know which mistake I have done but I solve this by setting input type to 3 on screen initialize.

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