Texting component doesn't work

In my app, Texting component doesn’t work.
I tried it in thunkable and it worked. I compiled my app and tried again in kodular and it doesn’t work.
What should I do.

Can you be more descriptive? :point_down:

Wait until your request is filled. When it’s in the right category, not a tag.

its thunkable aia not Kodular if its Kodular aia file its really work please use only original platform for aia file not any more

The app was created with kodular or thunkable?
Because if it is the second case that’s probably the answer.

Anyway, you didn’t explain the problem. Just say “texting component doesn’t work” is not enought to help you with your problem

It will automatically fixed after rebooting your device.

is it okay to use sms texting component again and use to upload it in Google Play Store? any adjustment and requirements to make?