Thank you Kodular for fulfilling my dream, I made this app with no coding experience

What is the name of your app?

Quick Contact

Describe your app:

This Application help to share contact and social media address by using QR code
It will write contacts directly in to phone
Creates one single QR Code with image for social media address and Contact
Load and read QR code from image
It has free Contact backup, it has popup to backup or deny
It have also backup for user data filled in app when ever they install the app they will get the data filled previously



App Store/Download link:

app on play store Link

Thanks for helping @Atom_Developer


Nice UI Keep It Up

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Wonderful I like it.
very nice looking keep it up


Thank you for you kind appreciation

Thank you for your appreciation

nice and useful app. how do you store data? and where?

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Thank you, I store data using TinywebDB and taifun FTP

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