Thank you Kodular team!

This school year I will use Kodular as a tool for prototyping applications with my students. I started using MIT App Inventor and after two years of using it, I went to Thunkable for obvious reasons and now I go to Kodular also for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

I am preparing some tutorials to facilitate the learning of the students and maybe I can share them here for the use of the educators who want to use this platform.

We will also use Kodular with the three teams of girls that will compete in Technovation Challenge 2019. I have been a Mentor for the last four years and a Judge for the last three years. I am inviting other mentors from around the world to use this platform. Thank you Kodular team!


STEM, Females engagement, kids… Well done @oaltair . You will get a mountain of help here if you need it.

Well done. A great use of the platform.


Great words, I feel the same!

Yes, I changed the category to Praise, because it belongs there


Thank you!

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