Thanks for everything

It has been a nice experience to learn how to build modular applications. I think I invested more than 300 hours hehe and there is still a lot to learn from the side of extension creations.

I will be working on a very large educational project in which you can interact with images. In order that if you travel abroad you can through simple gestures on the screen, know the name of the objects, or anything else. To do this, I must create a large database with images and variables (X, Y) that fit together with the image, and the user can choose, through labels, to find what interests him or has more to do with the country.

I do not know if I should follow something like this in Inventor App or move to Android Studio. If there is someone who wants to help me, you can write to me privately, for the moment I will rest.



You’re welcome for providing you with a very useful extension :heart: