Thanks @kodular

Thanks @Kodular i update my app today on playstore and my admob ads are showing properly now.


If you install the apk not from the play store, admob does not work?

Did you read what he just said?

No, I didn’t.

Don’t type anything unless you’ve read what they’ve said… OK?

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I write what I want, if I make you angry, just do not answer … OK?

I’m already flagging your replies. OK? Btw, you didn’t make me angry but, if you didn’t read something, don’t go onto random topics and start replying to things you don’t even know about.

You have the freedom too, I can’t take that away.

Solution 1.

:joy: I don’t think you have the authority to tell me what to do here. I simply was requesting you to not reply unless you have something useful to say. You’re the one getting defensive.

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Why do you ask if you didnt read? Your read the half post and get scray and post or what?


I was wondering for myself, because I too do not load admob and I wanted to know if the only method is to load my app on the play store…
Maybe I expressed myself badly.

Apology first. I’m not too sure about that, you’ll have to wait for Staff to look at this disastrous topic.

There are many stores where you can load the app and this will be a problem, because we have to load the app only on the play store … ok
Thank you for your answer.

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Yes, it will work but it will take a few seconds to load due to the content checker