Thanks to Kodular Team and Contributors

About 2 year ago i have joined a software house as Graphic Designer and started working there as i was making graphics for other staff for games and Apps, i have seen them making apps and showing me that how amazing work they have done i also started learning android studio but that was difficult for me to understand because i dont have any knowledge of Java or other languages, so i started searching any other way to make apps, then i found appygeaser and there was limit there so i migrated to Thunkable and started learning then migrated to AppyBuilder and there i have spent some months while learning things, on that time i dont know about community of Appybuilder or Thunkble so when i migrated to Kodular (which was Makeroid that time) i found some updated components and also i found that there are communities available for them also, then i joined community and started making apps here but i never login community so much, and its about 4 to 5 months i am visiting community regularly and learned a lot after joining community also i have earned some Badges like as ProKoder and try to help other as much as i can, now i have 150+ accepted answers as Solution and always feel happy to help others.

i want to Say Thanks to Kodular team and Contributers for this Platform where i am making apps lot faster than other Staff and some of them also Joined Kodular and Using that. Thanks @KodularCreator


Mine story about app building is almost same.


My story is some what same


Yes, and unbelievable how many posts, answers and solutions are coming from you! :+1:
I wish I had the same patience and time.
Many thanks to you too!


The only person who reply’s in almost every topic…And also in Dm


@OfficialDjJohn & @Kushagra story of many users is same because we are here to build easily.

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@bodymindpower i am trying my best to help just because i am working online mostly so i always check community and try as much i can. its like a part of my work now and if i am turning on my Laptop then i hit first Community and then anything else.

@ammar5287 because i remember my struggle and that times when i was wondering if someone can help me when i get stuck so i dont want anyone has same times. so i try always if i know anything i will spread that to others.