The ability to enter hex instead of only RGB in color selection (blocks)

Hey there,

I just wanted to suggest a feature that might be useful to everyone (It would be useful to me :slight_smile: everytime I need to enter a custom color value I need to convert my hex value to RGB. It’s a bit hard but seeing that option would be so helpful.

Waiting for what you guys think,

I don’t think this will be too hard to implement into Makeroid. You could try this extension by @vishwasadiga in the meantime:


Thank you for the extension,
I would love to use it, that’s not a problem. But it would be very great to see it in Makeroid as an official feature. It would be much more stable I guess.

The screenshot below is the current color block.

color list

And this one I created only for demonstration purposes is designed for hex.
color listhex

It would be really great to see on Makeroid.

Thank you for helping,
Waiting your thoughts and future plans,

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@vishwasadiga and I are working on a color component