The all new fast , lightweight , easy to use , and clean ui browser kitty with built in adblocker is here {FREE .aia}

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Introducing Kitty Web Browser! :cat::globe_with_meridians:

Say hello to Kitty Web Browser – your new go-to for surfing the web! :tada: Version 1 is here, packing in all the awesome features you love from Chrome. Sure, we’re still squashing a few bugs, but we’re on it!

:lock: Worried about privacy? Don’t be. :rocket: Need to focus? We’ve got your back. :art: And our design? Oh-so-clean!

Ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling? :no_mobile_phones: Not anymore! Our Blocking Browser feature lets you take control of your time and get stuff done. :stop_sign:

And guess what? Kitty Web Browser comes with ChapGT and DuckDuckGo AI for smarter searches. Plus, it’s super easy to customize and use. :star2:

Ready to give it a try?

Remember, Version 1 might have a few hiccups, but we’re working hard to make it perfect for you! :paw_prints:


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kittybrowser.aia (185.3 KB)
[In android 13 or above 10 if you are not able to install apk file of this afterbuilding or gettting any error plz msg me ]

##LIKE THIS ERROR IN ANDROID 13 [msg me for solution]

Hope you all enjoy this version! I’m thrilled to offer you this amazing browser, complete with a built-in ad blocker and a host of other fantastic features, all for free. If you’d like to see more projects like this in the future, feel free to message me about making a donation. Your support helps us continue creating awesome software for everyone to enjoy.

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