The .APK file is an issue that occurs when open

Hello everyone, I created an app to use Web View. It works without any problems. But when I download the .APK file and install it on my Android phone and use it for the first time, it works without any problems. But when I exit the app and open the app again, it opens and closes again. This is because the app automatically clears the cache. Then when it opens it works again without any problems. Then exit and open the app again and the above mentioned process will take place again. This happens after I set up a component for the back press. Below I will post a video on this issue. Please watch the full video. Then you will understand what this problem is. If possible, help me resolve this. Thank you so much!

Use this one instead


Thank you very much for reply. Give it a little time. I will try and tell.

Thank you so much! it is work.

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