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At first, when my app had only 3 screens and some audios and gifs, it was saving normally, but as it increased the number of gifs, audios and screens, it became impossible to save, I don’t know if it’s normal or if it has any problems in that regard, but I would like to suggest a new view of building the app, in case when it gets to 100% the app is really complete and doesn’t take a little while longer.

For example, 30% all built screens, 50% all placed audio and 100% full application.

Easy. Reduce the amount of gifs, audios and screens. :smiley:


already tried but it was no use, the app no ​​longer saves

Have you made a backup before you started to delete stuff from it

Btw, how many screens, assets did you have in your app

At first it was 3, then increased to 7. Then I tried to return to 3, and yet the save never ends.

To fully understand your issue we would need the full specs of your app

  • Screens how many
  • Assets how many
  • Components how many
  • etc

screens 1,2,3,4,5 used nothing but 1 Gif and one audio, but at 6 and 7, they used global values, such as each click added 1 more to the global value, and then displayed 1 Gif and different audio.

I’m still unclear on how many assets you have, for

ex1. if you have 100+ assets, then unfortunately you probably wont be able to neither save or build your app

ex2. your assets are to big in MB size, then unfortunately you probably wont be able to neither save or build your app

5 MB gifs and less than 3 in sounds and maximum 5 components on screens 6 and 7. when there were 3 screens the app was 29mb.

There is a limit of apk built which is 32MB so your aia file has to be much lesser than that


FYI, what I have seen in the community that aia file should be 20MB, but I can’t assure you about that, so try until you get it right

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